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Marley Powers

Joe Harvey

 A true adventurer at heart, Joe spent his early adulthood competing in motorcross, scuba diving, and professional treasure hunting. However after losing his leg in an accident in 2011, Joe had to find alternative ways to get his thrills. With his sense of adventure extending into his entrepreneurial spirit, Joe created “Bad Dogs Hot Dogs”- a unique business venture providing food services to multiple events and venues from his converted pontoon pirate-ship. The business was a success, and the presence of the ship was always guaranteed to draw a crowd. In 2013, after his father was diagnosed with a debilitating heart condition, Joe shifted gears and moved back to the family farm to take over operation. He has since channeled his immense energy into turning FarmYard into a haven for abandoned and neglected animals, giving them a place to heal and be rehabilitated before finding them new forever-homes. It was during this time that Joe began to study and then further test the healing benefits of the Nettles that grow abundantly on the property, and his passion for the plant has only grown from there.
Photo By Jan K Cohen
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