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Valentine came to FarmYard in late August 2020. She was in such a bad state, we were concerned she would not make the trailer ride home.  It was touch and go for awhile. She had vetting, dental work and some good trims on her hooves.

Val is feeling much better now and even had a small role in our recent short film we did.

Val is happy, working on her health as you can tell by the difference in her coat!   

Please consider donation or sponsorship to continue Val's healthcare needs.


Meet Valentine


Joe-z came into the rescue in winter 2021 with her mom & sibling.  All of them were severely frostbitten.

Joe-z lost her ears and legs to frostbite but what she didn’t lose was her will to live! She pulled thru and is happily residing at FarmYard Rescue And Rehabilitation with her Mom and sibling!

Meet Joe-Z


We are not typically a kitty rescue but we will help all animals. He was barely alive when he came to FarmYard.  With a quick vet visit, meds and fluids... he was touch and go through the night.

The kitty now known as Banjo is gaining weight and on the mend! He also has a guardian watchdog

Meet Banjo


Meet Hope

Hope came to us in January of 2019, very skinny and unhandled. We brought her back to health and have had many ups and downs with this girl but she's brought us so much love and knowledge on so many aspects.

Once Hope gained weight, she started training under saddle. Last year Hope was adopted and returned not once but TWICE. (We happily took her back because we want the best fit for her and her adopters.)

Last year Hope had a freak episode where she lost her sight and no one could tell us why. Over time she has regained a good portion of her sight and we started her back under saddle. Just a short while later she displayed signs of soreness in her poll. Now Hope is seeing a chiropractor regularly and it seems to be helping greatly. Once again she will be started lightly under saddle as long as her mental and physical state will safely allow.  Thanks Hope for all the crazy lessons. (She's been my most challenging horse to start under saddle to date.)

Hope will most likely be a resident horse here at FarmYard and will require a lot of attention.  Please consider donation or sponsorship.

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