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Adoption Process

At FarmYard our animals become family and we work extremely hard to get the animals adoption ready.  Our process is designed to keep the animals safe and find the best match between them and the adapter

The adoptable animals will be on our website and posted on our facebook page.  Facebook has additional pictures, videos and information regarding the animals.  

In order to see the animal you are interested in please make an appointment through the contact us page or directly message us through facebook.  Our farm is private and not open to the public so appointments must be made.  

Steps to submit an application: 

  1. Fill out the application and submit with the non-refundable $25 application fee.  This can be mailed or emailed/electronic payment using paypal or venmo.

  2. Pictures of your property or location the animal will be housed is a must. Please send pictures of the property, fencing, other animals, shelters etc.  These can be submitted via facebook or emailed to us.

  3. Once your application and fee is received it wil​l be reviewed and processed.  A member of the FarmYard team will then reach out to do the initial interview

  4. After being successfully matched with your adoption animal, an adoption contract and full payment is required to continue the process.

  5. Adopters are required to make their own transportation arrangements.  

  6. Updates are required every 6 months with pictures of the animal from both sides, front, back, hooves/paws/feet etc. 

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