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"I want to thank each and every single person who volunteered at our carnival yesterday and every person who came out to support us! Yesterday was a massive success and vital to our rescue. Plus it's always amazing to see everyone. We literally couldn't of done it without you all!  I especially want to thank Nicole for putting it all together and dealing with my forgetful brain on a daily basis. Yesterday's event would not have been possible without her! A million more THANKS for that.

Also a giant THANK YOU to Ghostbusters Detroit for donating their time and coming out to help create such an amazing event. They always go above and beyond to make each event they go to absolutely amazing.

Last but not least to every person who came out, donated and gave to FarmYard! Without and your generous donations we would not be able to continue what we do!"  ~ Marley Powers

Farmyard family carnival 8/15/2021

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